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Black Friday Blog Hop!! Prizes!!

Let's talk Black Friday. In America we have this day called Black Friday that is the day after Thanksgiving where we shop until we drop. It is the official start of the holiday shopping season and a good day to get run over at the mall, or hit with bags, or smacked. Having worked retail in the past I can tell careful. It's like a Wild Kingdom Special out there. But where did the phrase Black Friday come from? Well...I'm going to tell you right now, because honestly that's what I do here at History's Mistress. 
The term Black Friday didn't come about until the 1960s when retailers were trying to come up with new ways to get people into the stores. Prior to this retailers were frustrated with the shortness of the holiday shopping season due to Thanksgiving being held on the fourth Thursday of November. They even petitioned Franklin Roosevelt in 1939 when he was president to change the official date of observance of Thanksgiving to the second Thursday.
(He gave in to the Lobbyists and changed it) This actually was the case for two decades until  Congress was forced to step in and fix what FDR had done. The switching of the date had caused massive controversy and confusion.  
The term Black Friday did not come from the Black Tuesday Stock Market Crash of 1929 as many people believe. It actually comes from the Philadelphia Police Department. In 1966 the phrase was coined because that is when the shopping season would open up in the city center causing massive traffic jams and over-crowded sidewalks, giving the boys in blue the run around from dawn to dusk. It is not a term of endearment to the Philly boys of the 1960s. 
And there you go, a brief history of Black onto the fun stuff! 
Welcome to our Black Friday blog hop! See below for the huge list of prizes!
One random commenter (can be on any of the blogs) will win a Kindle Fire, along with all the prizes below! That’s the easiest kind of shopping I can think of…


Cassandra Carr: copy of either of my two current releases, Talk to Me or Head Games
Kristabel Reed: back list copy of one of her stories and then on her own blog a $10 GC plus a copy of her newest release, Risque, a Regency Menage Tale
Lucy Felthouse: back list copy of any of her single-title books
Cari Quinn: back list copy of one of her books
Leigh Elwood: two back list copies of her books
Natasha Blackthorne: copies of her two Regency era novellas: Grey’s Lady and Waltz of Seduction
Amber Kallyn: e-copy of Dragos 1
Camryn Rhys: Kindle copies of The Barn Dance and Off the Record – Foodie Erotic Romances
Lissa Matthews: two of her back list books
Misa Buckley: an e-copy of Ironhaven and To Reach the Dawn
Lacey Wolfe: a copy of Ambers Muse
Courtney Sheets: a $25 GC to Ravenous Romance and a copy of Kona Warrior – PDF
Sara Brookes: an e-copy of one of my back list books
Cynthia Arsuaga: a copy of an e-book, and on her own blog five book charm book tethers
Louisa Bacio: .pdf copy of my first book in The Vampire, The Witch & The Werewolf series, and on her own blog a $10 certificate to Ravenous Romance, and each commenter will also be entered to win a Goody Bag of new Orleans treats
Malia Mallory: one copy each of The ABC’s of Erotica and Santa’s Back Door Baby
Cynthia Eden: a copy of Angel of Darkness (either print or digital)
Carrie Ann Ryan: an e-copy of The Alpha’s Path
Jacquie Rogers: a Smashwords coupon for Faery Merry Christmas, plus on her own blog, a free copy of Much Ado About Marshals
KT Grant: a print copy of Sweet and Sinful and an ebook copy of her next release, Xavier’s Loving Arms
So what are the rules? Simple: visit as many of the blogs as you can and leave a comment for the blog owner. For every comment, you’ll get one entry into the grand-prize drawing. Be sure to leave your e-mail address with every comment so we can find you if you win! And don’t forget that several blog owners are giving away prizes specific to their blog, too!
One winner will be chosen on Saturday morning using Cassanda Carr will contact that person about the Kindle Fire and then each blog owner with a prize will contact the winner themselves to arrange delivery of said prize.


  1. You know I always wondered why they called it black friday now I know! Though this year they really didn't have any sales so I guess they are going to stay in the red lol.


  2. I wondered why it was called that.
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  3. I wondered where the term came from and how Black Friday all started!!

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  4. That's a cool little history lesson. Thank you.
    I am enjoying the day at home. I will start my shopping in a couple of weeks.

    koonie2888 at yahoo dot com

  5. So excited about this blog hop. I love all the new authors I am finding out about. Happy Friday everyone and good luck!

  6. That was an interesting bit of Black Friday history. I enjoyed reading it.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  7. Very enlightening! Especially over time, that it could turn into such a circus!
    Not for me, Thank you very much!!

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  8. Thanks for the history about Black Friday... very interesting!

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  9. Interesting! I always assumed it was store employees who came up with the name.

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  11. wonderful giveaway!

  12. Great giveaway! I still don't get why EVERYONE goes so crazy on Black Friday. We don't have it in London and this is the first year I've heard about it.

  13. Thanks for having this great blog tour giveaway!!!
    Online shopping shopping for me! After the last 2 days of cooking and cleaning, I didn't want to end up getting trampled too!!! LOL!
    I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!!!

  14. Great history lesson!


  15. How interesting - I never knew the history! I love black Friday shopping! I just avoid Walmart, Best Buy, and Toys R Us.
    Thanks for the Blog Hop giveaways!
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  16. LOL, I know better than to attempt any shopping on Black Friday. I stay in my bed all day!

  17. Thank you so much for the history lesson. I had no idea. I assumed the term referred to getting retailer's profits back into the "black", financially speaking. We learn something every day! :-)
    robinbadillo720 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  18. Thanks for that bit of history there, I had no idead that's how it orignated. I've actually only been going on for shopping deals for the last couple of years. Finding it better for deals for all the nieces and nephews I have ;) Last night we shopped and were home by midnight, sleeping in a little this morning, then heading over to my sistrs for some leftovers :) thanks for being part of the Blog Hop.


  19. What a great blog hop. I’m hopping along.

  20. Thanks for participating for a great prize! Today I am using my fingers to do the shopping instead of the mall!
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  21. I had no idea that they tried to change the day of Thanksgiving. Crazy politicians. ;)

    Thanks for being part of this giveaway. Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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  22. And now we know! Thx! Great hop...and giveaway!

  23. Well, I did not know that's where it came from. Interesting history. Thanks!

  24. That was a very interesting history lesson. I didn't know any of that.
    Thanks for the hop!
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  25. That was interesting information- I didn't know Black Friday craziness was present back in the '60s, yeesh.

    This is such a generous giveaway, thank you!

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  26. Thanks for the history lesson; I always love to learn new little facts like that.
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  28. Here in ACC basketball country (North Carolina) we remember Black Friday as the day all the ACC teams got knocked out of the NCAA tournament many, many years ago. It is still a day of mourning, just an FYI. Thanks for the contest.


  29. Huh. Well I never knew that...I love learning new things! Thanks for sharing that info!
    Ashley A

  30. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! Happy Holidays!!


  31. That's where Black Friday came from? I didn't know that. Thanks for the new info. Great giveaway. Thanks for the chance.

  32. Huh I always thought it was called Black Friday because it brought businesses sales from the red into the black for the fourth quarter. My bad lol

  33. I did not know that. Thanks for the history lesson mistress. I had not thought what a headache this was for the police. I feel bad for the people who have to work at the stores. I think they get robbed of their Thanksgiving holiday.
    teressaoliver at gmail dot com

  34. Online shopping is the way for me. No lines, no stress, no traffic. I did Black Friday once, not knowing the whole concept of it and it was an interesting experience. But nowadays, it is getting more violent as the years go by. So, I might consider myself being a coward but I see it more as being safe than sorry.

  35. Thanks for the history of Black Friday and for the great giveaway.

  36. Very interesting history of Black Friday. I didn't know how the name came about. Thanks for the chance to win!


  37. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity - super awesome prizes!

    Excellent post on the history of Black Friday! Personally I wish we could get rid of it. Blech!

    Gena Robertson

  38. hopping today to do all hops stayed home to read
    and wait for mail

  39. Woo Hoo! I love blog hopping!

  40. A lot of people don't realize that prices on Black Friday isn't all that great. The stuff will be on sale later and might even be better. But I think
    it's all the hype. I didn't really see anything this year that I even wanted. I haven't really shopped on Black Friday for a long time.
    Now I'm blog hopping on Black Friday, new tradition.
    luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

  41. Thanks for the chance to win!

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  42. That's interesting to know! If you think about it, It makes sense. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  43. Interesting history on the term. I always thought it had an economic basis, in that if consumers spent a lot of money, stores were finally "in the black" for the year, rather than being "in the red" ie. still in debt. I think your explanation is definitely more fun!

  44. what a great giveaway! thanks so much!

  45. Very interesting! Thank you for the awesome bloghop!

  46. I love shopping in my pajamas. Thanks for the great giveaway.

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  47. Thanks for the history lesson......I had no idea!:-)

  48. Loved this post! I had no idea - and feel like my history knowledge was sadly lacking. Wow - Thanksgiving was moved! I like it where it is now, :D and personally :X I don't think I can handle that much more madness from retailers.

  49. Thanks for this opportunity!

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  51. I did not know that about the Philly police.
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  53. I learned a bit about the history of Black Friday. Thank you.


  54. This is a fun giveaway.

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  55. This is so awesome!!! I have been lusting after one of these for ages and the fact that it's being given away by some of my favorite authors just makes it that much better!!! Good luck to all but I 'd be lying if I said I didn't want to win. lol

  56. `I personally hate shopping. One year my mom who hates shopping as well sent each of my daughters gift cards to Walmart... My kids love to shop. I paid my friend to take the kids shopping.

  57. wow i didnt know that about black friday Thanks for the trivia

  58. very cool! please count me in!

  59. Shop til I drop - exhausting but rewarding too.


  60. Thanks for the history of black Friday. It was very interesting to find that out. I hope that you had a happy Thanksgiving.
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  61. And a wacky tradition was born lol thanks


  62. Intriguing background on Black Friday, did not know any of that. I refuse to shop on this day or leave my home for fear of those crazies who take their shopping way too seriously. I'm an online shopper totally.

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  63. That is a great little history of Black Friday. I'll have to share that with everyone!

  64. Interesting history behind the black friday. Personally I think they need to have a day like this every quarter and they need to have a tax fee day once a quarter. I think the stores would see even a greater profit and see their sales rise.

    Me personally - I do not get excited about black friday, I do most of my shopping online all year long and by the time it comes around I already have most of my holiday shopping done.

    I applaud those who venture out though, to me it is not worth the hassle. Hope you enjoyed your black friday.

    Happy Holidays

    Ronda Tutt

  65. Thanks for the great giveaway, perfect for Christmas.

  66. Happy Black Friday! What a great way to celebrate! Thanks you so much for all these amazing prizes. You guys are truly awesome! I've been wanting a Kindle since forever and, since my mum and I are avid Romance readers, all the great books on offer add to the temptation. Thank you:) Hope you've had a splendid day!

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  67. I love learning where things originate from! Thank you!


  68. Thanks for the great post, very interesting. Big fan of online shopping these days, can't handle the crowds on Black Friday.

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  69. Fun post! And like many others, I stayed home, too--I don't like braving the crowds, and DO love staying home with my family!

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  71. It was great to understand the changes and how Black Friday began. I did not realize that Teddy Roosevelt was involved in making changes in relation to black friday

  72. Thans for the history of Black Friday.


  73. Wow! I still stay home!
    thanks for the hop!

  74. I loved the history lesson.Black Friday is not for me.I hate crowds and rude people.Thanks!

  75. I had a horrible Black Friday shopping day! My daughters and I started out at 11:00 pm last night. Stood inline outside of Best Buy for 2 hrs. in freezing cold. got nothing. Then stood outside of Old Navy for another hour then waited in line hour and a half to check out. Kohl’s would have been 2 hrs. to get checked out. We gave up there. Bath & Body hour and a half check out time. So basically was out all night got home 930 this morning with hardly nothing and so tired and achy and cranky! UGH! Never again for me! I’m done being a Black Friday shopper except online.

  76. Great giveaway!! Thanks for the chance!

    And interesting fact about where it came from. Thanks for sharing!

    Happy Holidays!

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  77. Black Friday spent at work - thankfully, no longer at the mall!

    Happy holidays, and thank you!

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